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You got ‘ghosted’ from online dating before you even met? What!?

So you've had some good conversations on the ______ (insert dating app or website of your choice...Tinder, Plenty of Fish, EHarmony, Match...etc.) Everything seemed to be flowing it and maybe you two had even made plans for the live date.... Continue Reading →


Go for that girl that you think is “out of your league” Here’s how to do it:

I have met so many men that for some reason think there is such thing as a league. What men fail to realize is that women on the most part are less visual than men. While we do have preferences... Continue Reading →

Men: Please stop obsessing over your looks. They aren’t why you aren’t ‘getting the girl.’

Your looks honestly don't matter as much as you think they do. Men have a much greater fixation on looks than women do. I know a few guys who see having a beautiful lady by their side as a sign... Continue Reading →

So you want to get serious with a girl who has trust issues…3 steps!

Men, here's how to get through to the girl whose "truster" is broken: 1. Always be honest. Especially from the beginning, and even in the really small things. If she learns things from your friends later on that contradict things... Continue Reading →

Stop scaring girls away on the first date

I want to start out by saying, that each one of these is a faux paux...but by golly if you start combining them, she's not even going to stay at dinner long enough to get dessert. (Literal, not figurative dessert.)... Continue Reading →

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