Men, here’s how to get through to the girl whose “truster” is broken:
1. Always be honest. Especially from the beginning, and even in the really small things. If she learns things from your friends later on that contradict things you’ve said or done, your foundation will never be strong.
2. Fight for her. If you know she’s worth it, or even if you think she might be, don’t give up early on.
3. Pass her tests.  She wouldn’t test you if she didn’t want to keep you. She wants so badly in her heart to know that you’re different from the exes that ignored her or used her as an accessory.  Most girls I know want you to pass their tests. They want to be able to brag about how you went the extra mile. They don’t want you to fail and be like all the others. The tests aren’t hard. It could be as simple as calling or texting her back in a reasonable amount of time. There is no litmus test for how many you need to pass before she’s comfortable with you, but the tests will stop eventually. And when they do, you’ll have earned a deeper love than you’ve ever known. I’ve heard guys say, “I don’t do tests. If she wants me, she’ll decide I’m worth it & not test me. Do you really want a “weak woman” who bends to your every whim ? Or would you rather have a couple of challenges to prove that you’re all-in? Nothing worth having comes easy.